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OutSystems Sample Data

Stable version 2.9.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems Sample Data


Sample Data is automatically created when the application is published, however, you might need to reset it.

To reset the sample data, do the following:

  1. In Service Center, access the OutSystems Sample Data application.
  2. Open the OutSystemsSampleDataDB module.
  3. In the Timers tab, select the Reset_SampleData timer, and press Run Now.

There are other timers available, below you have a description of each one and what they do:

  • Bootstrap_SampleData - this action runs when the module is published, it bootstraps the sample data for all entities.
  • DailyRefresh - this action runs the Bootstrap action to make sure sample data is available.
  • Delete_SampleData - this action deletes data from all sample data entities.
  • Reset_SampleData - this action resets data from all sample data entities, by deleting sample data and then bootstrapping it.
  • ResetDates - this action only resets dates, this is done periodically to ensure, for instance, that data in Charts is displayed properly.