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Advanced Amazon S3

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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Advanced Amazon S3


NOTE: This connector was set to use the authentication Signature 4. It won’t work if the S3 bucket region is set to any other signature version.

Step 1) Configure your AWS S3 server

Step 2) Get the authentication accesses

Step 3) Create your OS application

Step 4) Drag the actions for managing files according to your application’s needs.

Step 5) Fill the structures in the actions with the necessary data, according to your AWS configurations. The required fields are Access Key, Secret Key, and Bucket Name.

Note: If you don’t specify a SubFolder it will manipulate objects in the root of the bucket.

Step 5b) Optionally, you can configure proxy access to your S3 Server. It will only try to connect with the proxy if you set the flag UseProxy as true. Note: Domain is not required, it’s never used in the integration.

Step 6)  Now that you’re all set, it’s possible to start testing your application.


AmazonToken -  Contains the authentication fields AccessKey and SecretKey. (Mandatory)

ProxyDetails - Contains the fields for connecting with a proxy. (Optional. Depending on AWS configuration), In the Actions below, a connection by proxy will only be attempted when the flag useProxy is set to true and the proxy connection info is valid, otherwise it will attempt to connect without a proxy.

S3File - Contains the fields needed to perform file management actions in the S3 server.

(Not all of them mandatory, see below)




Required S3File Fields


Removes a file given its path(bucket/subfolder(s)/s3key)

S3key, Bucket, SubFolder


Creates a copy of a file given its path, in the new path provided
(eg. bucket1/myfolder1/doc1.txt > bucket1/myfolder1/copy_doc1.txt)

S3key, Bucket, SubFolder, NewS3Key, NewSubFolder


Retrieves a file from an S3 bucket

S3key, Bucket, SubFolder


Fetches the url of the file

S3key, Bucket, SubFolder


Saves a file in S3 given the path(bucket/subfolder/s3key) and the new content/name to be updated

S3key, Bucket, SubFolder, FileContent, Name


Updates a file in S3 given the path(bucket/subfolder/s3key) and the new content/name to be updated

S3Key, Bucket, SubFolder, FileContent, Name