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Amazon KMS Connector

Stable version 1.1.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Amazon KMS Connector


This connector allows your OutSystems application to use most of all actions from Amazon Key Management Service, a.k.a. KMS.


To use this connector you will need to have an Amazon account with the correct policies on IAM. The Credentials structure is the mandatory parameter for all available actions. This structure has three attributes:

  1. AccessKey
  2. Secret Access Key
  3. Region Name (optional)

Calling an Action

To call an action from this component is very simple. Drag the action to your code and fill-up the mandatory parameters and get the results.

The Response

All action has two output parameters: Success and ErrorMessage. All action from this extension should never return an Exception. You always need to check if the call was successfully executed.

More Information

For more information about Amazon KMS, check the Amazon site at