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Magic Link

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Magic Link


Initial considerations

import LoginWebBlock from Magic_Link_CW

Simply, you have to edit your login screen to add the web block. In the login screen you must add an input parameter “JWT” with text type and no mandatory.

How to use the component?

When the block is incorporated we see 4 fields and 1 event. These are:

  • ApiKey: provided via back office to identify your app in the system.
  • SecretKey: the key introduced when you register the app.
  • JWT: must be the input parameter JWT that we have created before.
  • HomeUrl: set the value of GetOwnerURLPath()
  • RefreshScreen Event: you have to create an action that refresh your page. You can replace the end node and add a destination to current screen.

In order to run the demo or any application you need to accomplish the next steps:

  • The app that request the magic link must provide a authentication mechanism based in JWT.
  • This app must be registered in back office section, providing a name, secret key, login URL and token expiration time. When the app is registered you will get an API key to identify your app.
  • Configure the smtp of your environment.
  • Change the site properties according to your app information like in the demo app.
  • Change the email site properties in “Magic_Link_BO_CS” to configure them with your parameters.
  • Change the “MagicLink” REST base URL and set the base URL of your environment (placed in Magic_Link_CW).

You can check the explained video that we have created about magic link:

<<embebed video>>

Sequence diagrams

Request magic Link

Login with Magic Link

Advanced flow