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Office Space

Stable version 1.3.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 06 January 2021 by 
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Office Space


In order for you to use/install the component, you need to do the following:

  1. Install in your environment the latest version of Office Space Manager component, BackOffice that supports the app
  2. Also, install the latest version of Office Space Manager Utils component, used to download a list of QR Codes per Desk and to send email notifications
  3. Then you are able to install Office Space, make sure that all other dependencies from Forge are also installed and in the latest version
  4. On Service Center you should: 
    1. set Site Property ServerName from the module OfficeSpaceManager_BL in case http://localhost cannot be reached, as in the case of a Personal Environment
    2. proceed to the module OfficeSpaceManager_Notification, then on the Operation tab check the Light process execution option then click the Apply button
  5. Afterward, you should go to your-environment/Users and grant the admin role to your user, so that you can access the BackOffice
  6. Then you are able to access your-environment/OfficeSpaceManager

How to bootstrap the data

  1. Open your-environment/OfficeSpaceManager/Bootstrap
  2. Then click add file, you can then download the template file
  3. Within the file, you can add your Offices, Teams, Floors, Floor Areas, Desks and Users

Generate the app for Android and/or iOS

  1. Check the following article if is the first time
  2. As described in the previous link, open Service Studio and then select Office Space app
  3. In Native Platforms select the build that you want to generate
    • Remember that for iOS, you need a certificate and mobile provision that can only be generated through an Apple Developer account

All set you are now able to install the App and start using it!