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Shipping Container Number Validation

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Shipping Container Number Validation


We made this component as simple as possible. Drag-drop in your form and add an event handler that will do the actions that you need based on the value that was typed in the container number input field.

There are two options for using this component:

  1. Prompt_Text: to replace the default text with a text of your choice. This can be used to make the component multilingual.
  2. ShowValidationIcons: When you don't want to see the visual feedback in the form of an icon, you can turn this off.

There are three values in the Validation Event:

  1. IsValid: returns if the number is valid or not.
  2. ContainerNumber: Returns the typed in Container Number, whether it is valid or not.
  3. ValidationMessage: returns which number validation was not successful.
    1. LENGTH_MISMATCH: The length of the container number is incorrect
    2. FORMAT_MISMATCH: The text format of the container number is incorrect
    3. CHECKDIGIT_MISMATCH: The check digit of the container is incorrect