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ImageCDN Integration Service

Stable version 1.0.9 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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ImageCDN Integration Service


ImageCDN Integration Services

The CDN provider Sirv offers lots of features and has a free plan that will work for most cases (learn more about Sirv here). To be able to use this service you should first create an account. 

Creating a Sirv account

Go to and provide the requested information. You’ll then have access to the Sirv dashboard where you can manage all your pictures and folders.

Uploading images

Setting up the Site properties

In the Sirv_IS module, there are 3 site properties that should be configured, via Service Center: ClientId, ClientSecret and SirvDomain.

If you don’t want to create a Sirv account, you can use a Local fallback by changing the CDNServiceToUse Site Property under the ImageCDN_DRV module to Local.

After doing this, you are all set! To use ImageCDN just download the ImageCDNReact for Reactive Applications or ImageCDNMobile for Mobile Applications!