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Download and Upload Excel files
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The Excel Inside Out application was created and shared with the community a sample of how you can follow a group of step to Download and Upload data in OutSystems using an Excel File. 

The application has only two web screens. 

The Employees screen is your homepage. The goal of the homepage is to list all the employees record on the Employees Entity. Besides the visual table on the homepage, you will have access to three buttons to execute the ‘inside out’ excel logic.

The second screen is the Employee Detail, where you can see a form with the detail of one specific employee. To navigate to this screen you must click on the name of one of the existing employees displayed on the table of the Employees screen.

The Inside Out Excel actions:

  1. The Upload Employees button allow you to insert records on the database using an Excel file. 

  2. The Download Sample File give you an Excel file with the structure that you must use when you are trying to upload new employees. 

  3. At least, you have Download Employees button to download the list of Employees, present in the database.

Also, there is an Exercise module, without the implementation code, in case that some member of the community wants to replay the logic of the app. 

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