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Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Democratize Financial Data with the Finnhub stock API. Get Information on Stock Prices, Basic Financial data of a company and Currency conversions. Configure your Application Currency, and take advantage of the extensive Financial and Market Information.
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Enables the use of Finnhub's real-time stock API on web applications. 


Finnhub account

You’ll also need to configure the REST Integration with the obtained API key, in order to get this component to work.

This component allows you to get real-time quote data for US stocks. It is also possible to obtain the basic financial information of a company. In parallel, this component allows the configuration of a desired currency for your Application. With 168 currency options, the CurrencyConverter block (that you can insert in your menu or layout) makes it possible to configure the list of values in a screen that may alter according to the chosen currency. Check out the Forex rates available.

In the free plan account, it is only possible to make 60 API calls/minute. On top of all plan's limit, there is a 30 API calls/second limit. 

All accounts have access to the free sandbox API key, for testing purposes. You can find it next to your API key, in your profile Dashboard. Sandbox environment has a 300 API calls/minute limit. 

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