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SAP Utilities

Stable version 1.4.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 06 July 2021 by 
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SAP Utilities

Use this component if you need to extend SAP remote functions (RFC/BAPI) in Service Studio. If you need to connect to SAP through OData services, please use Integration Builder instead.
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SAP Utilities implement samples for frequent use cases associated with using the OutSystems SAP Extensibility API. It allows you to add advanced functionality to SAP remote functions that you’re using through SAP integration, in Service Studio.

Use this component as a starting point in using the API and then adapt it to your case.

Feature List

  • Use stateful calls to execute multiple SAP remote functions under the same transaction.

  • Use stateless calls to execute SAP remote functions that don’t require a transaction, avoiding the overhead associated with the transaction created by default on every call.

  • Change properties of the SAP connection at runtime.

  • Configure the SAP connection pool limits.

  • Use SAP Logon Tickets, instead of the usual username and password authentication.

Release notes (1.4.1)

Changed component type from Traditional Web to Service. 

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