HTML Document Viewer

Stable Version 1.0.6 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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HTML Document Viewer

Display the Document file[.gif, .jpg,.jpeg,.pdf,.tif,.tiff and .png] in the HTML page
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Below are the steps to show the Document in the HTML page

  1. Upload file
  2. Read in binary
  3. Convert binary to base64
  4. Append prefix "data:application/pdf;base64," + Base4 data
  5. Assign the above base64 url to iframe source i.e. src.
  6. Show the pdf in html.

How to implement the web block?

There are only three steps implementations.

  • Copy and paste the web block on page
  • Assign the base64 value. 
  • Assign the Mime/Content Type
  • Assign the handler.

Demo Screen:

What’s new (1.0.6)

Fixed a bug in the component.

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