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Server Select

Stable version 2.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Server Select

-Server/Client side dropdown with multiple and single select capabilities -Fetch data from APIs -Dosen't break the form alignment if the user select a huge number of values -Event that returns the JSON with the users selected values
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This component allows for multiple and single selection of values from a dropdown

the data from the dropdown is fetch using an rest API 

if the dataset is bigger than the number set for max records the component will call the API to filter data or when the selection changes.

if the dataset is smaller than the max records then the component will work on the client avoiding unnecessary server calls.

Accessabilty and the ability to controll the widget woth the keybord is something planed for a future release stay tunned.

What’s new (2.1.0)

Better support for large data sets

- New parameter to only fetch data from server after x amout of characters being inputed by the user
- New parameterto avoid loading data on preparation ( in some situation preloadng data in all dropdowns could be cause of slowness)

Added a reference parameter to allow the component to be used inside lists 

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