Pendo for OutSystems

Version 1.0.0 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 27 Jan by 
Pendo Integration Demo Team
Pendo Integration Demo Team
Created on 27 Jan

Pendo for OutSystems

Details Connector for easy integration. Application is instrumented to monitor user adoption, satisfaction, and feedback. On Pendo, it’s possible to define funnels, monitor conversions, detect trends for specific features with a no-code approach. You are able to understand what users are doing across your product journey and deliver surveys to capture how users feel about your product experience.
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Instrumenting your OutSystems Reactive or Mobile Application with Pendo takes less than 5 minutes.

Using this component you can just reuse the Client Actions and the tracking Pendo JS. You'll only need to change the API Key provided by Pendo for your application and paste it in the Pendo script under the Resources for your application.

Pendo provides you with Analytics to understand what users are doing across their product journey, surveys to capture how users feel about their product experience, in-app walkthroughs and targeted messaging to improve onboarding as well as feature adoption and Product demand intelligence to prioritize which features to build next.

For more information on Pendo visit .

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