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Stable version 1.3.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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A set of tools for delivery manager: automatic deployments, application dependencies view, publish history, site properties edit and more.
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NOTE: Deployments part was based on this component: , but I have changed it a lot in my version, and modules are different modules (clones), so this is effectively different component, but originally it was based on the above.

Major functions are:

1. Automatic deployment tool, which provides:

- Flexible way to configure deployment packages as a combination of application groups

- Deploys only changes (those applications which are different versions then the target)

- Start deployment on demand with few mouse clicks

- Prepare and validate deployment (check consistency) without actually running it

- Schedule to run daily

- Schedule to run every hour

- Schedule to run at specific time

- Schedule to run after another deployment finished

- E-mail notification

- Generate solution from the package in the current or another environment

This uses LifeTime API, but is much easier and faster to use. It was a huge relief for our project, when deployments, which used to be difficult and painful, became a pleasure!

2. Applications: Shows dependencies between applications in hierarchy. Can be used to understand big picture and also to spot cyclic dependencies and unused applications. Warning: can be slow to load.

3. Modules: Shows uploads and publishes by time and users, also allows to download deleted modules and to check pending versions.

4. Site properties: allows to view and edit site properties much easier and faster than in service center, especially the multi-tenant ones

Provided AS IS, but I will update it if there will be major changes.

What’s new (1.3.4)

Fixed another bug related to tagging new version

Some performance improvements in getting application details

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