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A set of tools for delivery manager: automatic deployment, dependencies view, publish history and more.
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NOTE: Deployments part was based on this component: , but I have changed it a lot in my version, and modules are different modules (clones), so this is effectively different component, but originally it was based on the above.

Application includes:

1. Automatic deployment tool, which provides:

- Flexible way to configure deployment packages as a combination of application group

- Start deployment on demand with few mouse clicks

- Prepare and validate deployment (check consistency) without actually running it

- Schedule to run daily

- Schedule to run once at specific time

- Schedule to run after another deployment finished

- E-mail notification

- Generate solution from the package in the current or another environment

This was a huge relief for our project, when deployments, which used to be difficult and painful, became a pleasure!

2. Application dependencies. It shows dependencies between applications in hierarchy. I have used this to understand big picture when it was not clear enough in Discovery. Warning: might take some time to load

3. Publishes. This shows publishes in your environment, with some extended filters comparing to ServiceCenter.

4.Pending versions. Sorry, not done by me, can't comment.

5. Deleted modules. Allows to find and download any module which was accidentally deleted.

Provided AS IS, but I will update it if there will be major changes.

What’s new (1.0.2)

Fixed ModifiedOn assignment and display.

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