Working Days

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Working Days

This component allows you to control and manage all holidays (National or Local) of your application. It provides several functionalities in order to calculate the working days.
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This component contains two actions.

  • CalculateDeadline - Calculates the Deadline between a start date, and a user-defined amount of working days.
  • CalculateWorkingDays - Calculates the working days within a user-defined interval.

This component also contains all webblocks needed to implement the backoffice funcionality to insert, edit and delete all holidays. As you can see in our demo application.

Extra notes:

  • All the actions above contain input parameters that allows the configuration of the calculation. This means that the user is able to configure if he wants to ignore saturdays, sundays, national holidays or if he want the holidays in certain localities.
    Ex.: If for some reason the user wants to add to the calculation the saturday as a working day he has that option available by changing the value of a boolean input parameter (IgnoreSaturdays).
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