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version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Published on 25 August 2021 by 
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Stock Portfolio Tracking Web App | Track your stocks (buys, sells, dividends, fees), track stock history, check stock price.
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To track stocks, get your free API key from
Click on the “GET YOUR FREE API KEY TODAY” button
Input your API key:
Logic -> Integrations -> REST -> Alphavantage -> GetQuery
Properties: “URL Path” input at the end after "...&apikey="

The free API from Alpha Vantage is limited to 5 API requests per minute and 500 requests per day.
I have accounted for this by throttling the daily update described below.

Stock prices/tables updates are scheduled to run every day @ 4pm CST
Tables Updated: StockCurrent, StockHistory, Cost2ValueSum4Avg, StockOverview
This is one hour after market closes - server action schedules are set in UTC, so that’s why the schedule is set for 22:00
This can be adjusted under Processes -> Timers -> DailyStockUpdate_CurrHistAvgOvervw
Properties: “Schedule”

What’s new (1.1.0)

Added Crypto Portfolio Tracking!

Using public API from which is limited to 20 requests per minute and 1000 requests per day.

App home page displays overview of Stocks and Crypto holdings combined.

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