Multiple Selection Dropdown

Stable Version 1.0.6 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Multiple Selection Dropdown

Multiple Selection Dropdown with Search and Select All features
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The component allows the user to display a list of items and select multiple of them.
It has search feature and the user can select/deselect all at once, while choosing to enable or disable these features.
The user can also provide a "Display List", this will display that list if there is not a selected item on the ItemList (the Search will look on the Item List and not on the Display). For this feature to work properly the items on the Display List should exist on the item List as well. When using the Display List the user can specify a title for the list.

What’s new (1.0.6)

New Feature

There is now a V2 component that allow further customization on:

  • Display information of selected fields
  • Customization of "Select all" and search prompt text

This was implemented based on a suggestion to have text customization to facilitate multilingual apps, but feel free to use as your needs. 

Thanks Marilva B. for the suggestion.

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19 Mar
in version 1.0.3
This component works very well. Great job!