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Smart Elements

Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Smart Elements

The 'SmartElements' is a library module composing a set of UI components that bring in new experience with developing in Outsystems. At high level > It provides an enhanced iFrame concept with duplex communication between the hosting page and the content page. > It provides a Tab control with dynamic tab management.
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The 'SmartElements' is a library module composing a set of UI components that bring in new experience with developing in Outsystems.

Component List:

  1. ButtonGroup: A dynamic button group implementation with multiselect mode. In native the ButtonGroup element the list of the button group items is limited to design time, overcome the limitation with this UI component that accepts a list as input variable.
  2. SmartLabel: A label component with a placeholder to show a horizontal line next to the label element. The component has settings that will allow you to change the position, thickness and color or the horizontal line. Also, there is a setting to style the horizontal line to display like an underline.
  3. SmartiFrameHost: iFrame component powered by iframe-resizer javascript library enabling auto-sizing the iFrame element to the content page and establishes duplex communication between the iFrame element and the content page
  4. SmartiFrameHook: A supporting component for the "SmartiFrameHost" that is plugged with the content page serving the hook to the iFrame element.
  5. SmartTabs: The SmartTabs consists of three elements
    1. SmartTabs: The main tab control hosting the tab headers and the tab contents
    2. SmartTabHeaderItem: The component to display a tab header with icons for status, close tab
    3. SmartTabContentItem: The component to tag with the tab header to display specific content on the selected tab.

Actions List:

  1. SmartIFrameHost: A set of actions that can be used at the iFrame hosting page to pass messages to the content page.
  2. SmartIFrameHook: A set of communication actions that extends the functionality of a content page in passing messages to the parent iFrame element.
  3. SmartTabs: Set of actions for programmatical tab management such as setting active tab, closing a specific tab and setting a status of a tab
  4. SmartUtils: A miscellaneous actions such as generating "LoremIpsum" and getting ContentStatus list.
Release notes (1.0.2)

Added a new component for Search expression building, with the ability to alias the operators and pass different models for building expression for different use cases.

License (1.0.2)
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