Tiff Page Splitter

Stable Version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Tiff Page Splitter

This extension has only one function - to split multipage TIFF images into single page TIFF images. It only deals with binary data. Reading and writing files, if desired, is left to the user.
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Extremely simple - pure .Net with no other dependencies. Basically searched Microsoft for how to do various aspects and pieced it together. Eliminated the need for an older third-party component we used to use to manipulate TIFFs.

The usage is straightforward, read a TIFF image into a binary data variable, using a component like FileSystem (not mine), then pass that in, and the function will return a File Record List. The File Record List is based on a File structure, supplied by the extension, which has a binary data attribute, which will hold an individual page.

Once you receive the File Record List, use a For Each loop to write the individual files to disk with whatever names you wish.

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