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Word Document Utility

Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 14 February 2022 by 
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Word Document Utility

Word document utility will help you for view the docx file in html and you can search and replace the parameter values
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This will help you for below features –

  • Convert Word document to HTML Page – getting the html page
  • Search & Replace the text Value – this will help you parameterize the search the text / HTML string and replace the value.  

Release notes (1.0.2)

We are enhancing the features in this components 

We are providing the search and replace features for below items

  •  Plain text - this already in component 
  •  HTML tags - encode tags and add in JSONformat 


HTML Text : <b>Hello, Shahaji</b>

Encoded String :  <b>Hello, Shahaji</b>

Sample JSON :

[{'Name':'CompanyName','Value':'ABC Pvt. Ltd.'},

  {'Name':'StreetAddress','Value':'Head Office, Santacruz East.'},










Word Document Content : 

Copy the below content in word file and test with demo application use above sample json for replacing the plain text and html string values. 






Case Number :{{CaseNumber}}





Dear Recipient,

Write the body of your letter here.  To update any of the information in this letter, simply click and start typing!

 Want to customize your color palette?  Just go to the Design ribbon, and select Colors from the list.  If you choose a color palette that you like, the colors of the header images will update, as will the text colors.  Make the document yours!

 Want to change the fonts that are used?  That is just as easy to update.  Just go to the Design ribbon and choose Fronts from the menu options.  You can use a built-in font combination or choose one of your own.  

 Warm regards,



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in version 1.0.2
Unfortunately the pictures don't work but it makes sense. Good component for sure