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version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 22 April 2021 by 
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App Explorer

Manually aggregating application metadata in Service Center is extremely time consuming. This application aggregates various metadata into a single view with drill-down capabilities.
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Disclaimer: The pages in this app are marked as anonymous. If any of the metrics listed below are points of security concern, please secure your pages after installing and republish.

The purpose of this application is to provide a real-time dashboard of application metadata with several KPIs.

The use-case is to provide quick access and high visibility to apps in your factory.

Most of the data is available through Service Center, however, manually compiling a list like this would be extremely time consuming.

It also provides an MS Excel download, and drill-down capability so see specific details of each module.

The dashboard includes:

  • Icon - App Icon
  • Name - App Name
  • Description - App Description
  • Type - Web, Reactive, Mobile, etc.
  • Forge - If it's a Forge component
  • Forge Modified - If it's a Forge component that has been modified
  • AO Count - Number of AO's consumed by the app
  • Module Count - Number of modules in the app
  • Screen Count - Total number of screens in all modules in the app
  • Entity Count - Total number of entities in all modules in the app
  • Referenced Entity Count - Total number of referenced entities in all modules in the app       
  • API Count - Total number of APIs (exposed, consumed) in all modules in the app       
  • First Published - The first time the app was published
  • Last Published - The most recent publish of the app

The drill-downs includes details about all app modules:

  • Screens
  • Entities
  • Referenced Entities
  • Versions
  • APIs

Current Feature Backlog:


  • A customization module to implement custom security, logic, and APIs while still being able to upgrade the app to new versions.
  • LifeTime plug-in that can allow connectivity/visibility between all environments.


Number roles  & users within each app.

Number of unique users & hits of the app (within the duration of your log file configuration)


The ultimate target of this app is to be a comprehensive governance tool for an OutSystems COE (Center Of Excellence)

Fell free to comment on the support tab with any feedback or suggestion on how to add value to this app.

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