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Tag Manager by Google

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Tag Manager by Google

This component links with Google Tag Manager.
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After validating some components, it was noticed that the existing ones create multiple sessions in Google Tag Manager.

With Google Tag Manager, in addition to being able to create Tags to monitor our pages, we can also link Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics and get much better results and statistics.

How to use:

  1. Create an account in Google Tag Manager (and create an account in Google Analytics, where we are given a Tracking ID (eg UA-XXXXXXXXX-X);
  2. Reference this component to your application;
  3. Drag the Web Block in the Headers of the Layouts you are using.
  4. Insert the Google Tag Manager Container ID (e.g. GTM-XXXXXXX)

Important notes:

 - A common mistake when creating an account in Google Tag Manager is not to publish the account. Don't forget to publish the account (you can see how to do this in the Google documentation). If you don't, you will have an error.

- Another point that I call your attention, is in case you are not getting results, check in the Inspector Console of your browser, if you are getting security breaches. If that happens, see where they are, go to lifetime and in the security settings put for example this:

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