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QR Code Generator API - GOQR.ME

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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QR Code Generator API - GOQR.ME

QR code API You can generate QR code graphics with QR code generator web API at api.qrserver.com. http://goqr.me/api/doc/create-qr-code/
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Advanced QR code generation functionality:

  • Output image size: 
    • size parameter (optional)

      Specifies the size of the QR code image you want to generate (in px for raster graphic formats like png, gif or jpeg); as logical unit for vector graphics (svg, eps).

  • Error correction code:
    • ecc parameter (optional)

      Defines the error correction code (ECC) which determines the degree of data redundancy. The more data redundancy exists, the more data can be restored if a QR code is damaged (i.e. scratches on a QR code sticker or something like that).

  • Output image format:

    • format parameter (optional)

      It is possible to create the QR code picture using different file formats, available are PNGGIFJPEG and the vector graphic formats SVG and EPS (=you can create QR code vector graphics / QR code EPS / QR code SVG as needed for professional printing).

1.1 Terms of Service

See Terms of Service: QR code API

Additional notes: There is no request limit, but we reserve the right to reject API requests. This applies especially to requests we consider abusive or inappropriate (i.e. if it seems to be a DoS attack). We therefore record the origin of all requests (referrer and IP address), but not the contents of the QR codes (see the notes on our privacy policy for more information). To make our work easier, please let us know, if your service will regularly cause more than 10 000 requests a day or if your service is blocked wrongly.

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