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Country State City Data

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Country State City Data

Country State City Data includes database of all countries, states and cities in the world. It has public server actions, service actions and exposed rest endpoints available to use the database in your application.
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Country State City Data Service

This service has data of all Countries and their States, Cities. This allows user to use this as service and provides the public server actions, service actions and exposed rest endpoints to use this data.

Public API Version is also available. Links are below:

Request API key here

Server Actions:

These server actions allows to get Countries, States and Cities by ID/Code and by their respective states/cities.

Service Actions:

Provides the same functionalities as above server actions but as service actions.

Exposed Rest Endpoints

It also exposed all actions as rest endpoints. Documentation for rest can be found once installed at below location.

Rest Documentation


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in version 1.0.0
This is exactly what i was looking for....easy and simple to implement.
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