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Dynamic Links Plugin (Firebase)

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Dynamic Links Plugin (Firebase)

A plugin that integrates with the Firebase Dynamic Links service. Allows dynamic links to be handled within the application. Version 1.0.0
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This plugin allows an integration with Firebase Dynamic Links, providing users with the best available experience for whichever platform they open the link on. By enabling your mobile application to receive and read Dynamic Links, it maintains the same functionality on multiple platforms and works whether or not the application is already installed.

Users opening a Dynamic Link on iOS or Android will be taken directly to the linked content in the native application, while users opening the same Dynamic Link in a desktop browser will be taken to the equivalent content on your website.

With this plugin, the mobile application will be able to:

  • Receive and interpret Dynamic Links with the application closed

    • Run the “GetDynamicLink” provided on the OnReady action of your application

  • Receive and interpret Dynamic Links with the application running

    • Choose the logic needed to process the Dynamic Link using the DynamicLinksHandler Web Block provided

An example of the implementation of this plugin can be found in the Firebase Mobile Sample App. 


This plugin is developed, maintained, and supported by OutSystems under the terms of a customer's subscription.

MABS Compatibility

The latest version (2.0.0) of Firebase Dynamic Links Plugin is compatible with the supported MABS versions available: 

  • MABS 9.0

Honorable Mention

A special thanks to Truewind who lead the way, creating the first serious Forge component to enable Firebase platform integration.

Release notes (2.0.0)
  • Breaking change: it's no longer necessary to zip the Google Services, .plist and .json, files -- this plugin will assume the google services files are already where they should be (the application using the plugin needs to set this in the Extensibility Configurations json).
  • This version is compatible with the following versions of the remaining Firebase plugins:
    • Analytics Plugin (Firebase) version 2.0.0.
    • Cloud Messaging Plugin (Firebase) version 3.0.0.
    • Crash Reporting Plugin (Firebase) version 2.0.0.
    • Performance Monitoring Plugin (Firebase) version 2.0.0.
License (2.0.0)

Copyright (c) 2021 OutSystems, MIT License

Reviews (1)
in version 1.0.6
Implementation is simple and quick with minimum coding to be done.