Web API IndexedDB

Version 0.0.6 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 11 Jun (2 days ago) by 
Version 0.0.6 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 11 Jun (2 days ago) by 
Created on 4 Jun (9 days ago)

Web API IndexedDB

IndexedDB is a low-level API for client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data, including files/blobs. This API uses indexes to enable high-performance searches of this data.
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Key concepts

IndexedDB is a transactional database system, like an SQL-based RDBMS. However, unlike SQL-based RDBMSes, which use fixed-column tables, IndexedDB is a JavaScript-based object-oriented database. IndexedDB lets you store and retrieve objects that are indexed with a key; any objects supported by the structured clone algorithm can be stored. You need to specify the database schema, open a connection to your database, and then retrieve and update data within a series of transactions.

What’s new (0.0.6)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Demo app
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