Dropdown Tags Advanced

Stable Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 7 Jun (13 days ago) by 
Stable Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 7 Jun (13 days ago) by 
Created on 7 Jun (13 days ago)

Dropdown Tags Advanced

Enhanced Dropdown block, with the option to add custom entries by the end-user, as well as search functionality and multiple tags selection. It is a port of the original Dropdown Tags component in OutSystemsUI, with the extended functionalities added. The component was originally developed as part of the OutTracker application (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/9951/outtracker) by OutSystems R&D, so credit goes to them. It is extracted as a separate component, to be re-used in cases where the advanced functionalities are needed.
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Drag the block to your screen and set the ItemList parameter structure with your list. Use the SelectedItemsList parameter to define a pre-selected list of items.

Use the OnChange event to assign the current list selected to your local variable.

For advanced scenarios, use the AdvancedFormat parameter. To check the options available, read the official documentation: 


What’s new (1.0.2)

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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Borislav Shumarov who created this component.
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