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Active Directory Library

Stable version 1.0.14 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Active Directory Library

Holds the integration with Active Directory services. Wraps access to managing Users and Groups.
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This component is a complete rework on the original Active Directory component.

This Active Directory library allows an integration with Users and Groups in the AD

Main Features:

  • Uses the underlying Directory Services namespace instead of the Account Management for performance reasons
  • Complete code isolation allowing to use the Library directly reducing the AO usage

Just call the GlobalDirectoryEntry_Set before calling the other actions to set the connection and you're good to go.

Use the Active Directory CORE (Simplified) if you want to check how the library works:

  • It includes an extra layer over the library by using tokens to simplify the connection
  • It includes a Backoffice that will help seeing on the component works
What’s new (1.0.14)
  • Added some domain validations when setting up the connection
    • DirectoryEntry method fails when the domain ends with a trailing "/"

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