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Phone Information

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Phone Information

Client actions to obtain the details of a phone number, such as: country, country calling code, national Number, number, type, URI, international formatted number, national formatted number as well as the following validations: is non geographic, is possible, is valid.
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  • PhoneNumber
  • Information: 
    • Country
    • CountryCallingCode
    • NationalNumber : The national (significant) number
    • Number: The phone number in E.164 format.
    • Type: Returns phone number type (fixed line, mobile, toll free, etc) or undefined (if the number is invalid or if there are no phone number type regular expressions for this country in metadata).
    • URI
  • Formatted Number:
    •  Internacional
    • Nacional
  • Validations: 
    • IsNonGeographic: Returns true if the number belongs to a "non-geographic numbering plan".
      • There're several calling codes that don't belong to any country:
        • +800 — Universal International Toll Free Number
        • +808 — Universal International Shared Cost Number
        • +870 — Inmarsat Global Limited
        • +878 — Universal Personal Telecommunications
        • +881 — Global Mobile Satellite System
        • +882 and +883 — International Networks
        • +888 — United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
        • +979 — International Premium Rate Service
    • IsPossible: Checks if the phone number is "possible". Only checks the phone number length, doesn't check the actual phone number digits against any regular expressions.
    • IsValid: Checks if the phone number is "valid". First checks the phone number length and then checks the phone number digits against all available regular expressions.

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