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Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Integrate Amazon S3 to easily store and retrieve objects.
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Connect your Amazon Simple Storage Account with OutSystems to backup critical data, ease the load on your operational database, and store any data type with little effort. A great way to provide secure, durable, and highly scalable object storage. The connector uses an AWS SDK and more details about setting everything up can be found here.

Once connected, you can easily integrate Amazon S3 in your OutSystems project and perform actions in Buckets and Files:

Release notes (2.0.0)

In this version:

  • created the Bucket_List action to return a list of all buckets owned by the authenticated sender of the request.

  • created S3HTTPVerb and S3StorageClass static entities to manage static data sent and returned from the service.

  • <breaking change> Updated Object_Put and Object_GetPreSignedUrl actions to use the created static entities identifier on input parameters, instead of a text value.

  • <breaking change> Removed the old StorageClass static entity to fit the new and standardized entity pattern. In the new S3StorageClass static entity remains all the same values as before.

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