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Stable Version 2.0.1 (O10)
Also available for 9.1
Published on 05 October 2017 by 
Created on 19 December 2015
Allow your business users to explore data through pivot tables, in a drag'n'drop UI similar to that found in popular spreadsheet programs.
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PivotTable.js implements a pivot table drag'n'drop UI similar to that found in popular spreadsheet programs. You can drag attributes into/out of the row/column areas, and choose a summary function. You can also preconfigure the pivot table and make it readonly, for a static cross-tab like display.

This component makes it very simple to use the library (PivotTable.js), using as datasource either data on the screen inside a TableRecord, or accessed from a REST API you create with the platform.

The sample module shows some of the configurations you can make, such as:

  • Creating "Bins" for grouping dimensions (e.g. Age groups, instead of individual Age data points). Date bins (e.g. Years, Months, Quarters, etc. coming)
  • Define which columns/rows show up by default on the report
  • Define which aggregators are performed (e.g. Count, Sum(Price), List Unique Values)
  • Sorting by Totals, Columns or Row aggregators (from NReco PivotTable extensions)
  • Saving pivot table current state allowing you to build a set of custom reports
  • Being notified on which cells get clicked to show drill down detail.

The look and feel of the table is customizable by CSS.
Check PivotTable.js wiki in case you need to go deeper

What’s new (2.0.1)

Fixed problem where ReadOnly view was not properly considering the Aggregator/Values nor the renderer.

  • This now also allows saving your settings in Edit mode, and then switching to ReadOnly mode while keeping the exact same configuration - useful for a user to change a report, and then save it for clean visualization by someone else.
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18 Jul
in version 2.0.1
Very easy to use.
in version 2.0.1
Good tool. The REST version example is not complete, but you can look for the "parliament" example to see all.
As a suggestion, good idea if can show/hide the total column/line. Some times we do not want to totalize the column/line.
Great tool!
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