Password History

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Password History

Function to validate your previous passwords history.
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Outsystems has no ability to validate your previous history of passwords. Wherein you can update your password with the current password successfully.

Using the component will help you to store your recent and previous passwords and validate them whether the password was used before.

How To Use?

  • Call the "PasswordHistory" action before you Create or Update user credentials like the sample image above.

What to Expect?

  • The component will let you to input how many number of previous passwords (newest) you want to validate.
  • Will store the passwords in a safely manner on how Outsystems do the thing.
  • The function will return "True" If there's a match within your previous passwords set up. Else, "False" and will store your new password in history table.

ParametersDescriptionData TypeMandatory
UserIdId of your user.IdentifierYes
PasswordNewly inputted password to validate (not encrypted).TextYes
NumberOfPassword Number of previous passwords you want to check.IntegerYes
ApplicationTypeYou can input the application name on where the users changed their password (In case you have multiple application with same users).TextNo

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