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OutSystems Email Templates

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems Email Templates

OutSystems templates to create optimized emails for reactive and mobile applications.
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To use these templates, Platform Server - 11.13.0 is required and the Technical Preview features for Email need to be activated.

Find out how to enable Technical Preview features in LifeTime.

Designed for Reactive Web and Mobile apps, this pre-built UI module comes with all the essentials to start new emails.

We started with the most common email templates, but we are always looking for feedback. Feel free to tell us what other templates for email you would like to have by using the built-in feedback box.

What’s new (1.0.1)
  • Fixed a typo in the CSS class name heading3 that was previously set as heading1.

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12 Oct
in version 1.0.0
Great component which have ready made Email templates.