Native Biometric Plugin

Stable version 1.0.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Native Biometric Plugin

This plugin will allow you to use Touch or Face ID for IOS and Fingerprint for android
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In this plugin you can use:

  1. Touch or Face Id only 
  2. Touch or Face ID + Passcode (Phone Passcode)
  3. Touch or Face + Password (Additional button for Enter Password) 
  4. Touch or Face + Custom Password (Additional button with customizable message and button label) 
  5. Checking the availability of the Touch or Face ID

Error Handling:

Catch error with the Error code -3 for the Custom Button Fallback 

Catch error with the Error code -2 for the Cancel Button Fallback 


        1. Fingerprint

        2. Fingerprint + Backup

        3. Check availability, Is hardware supported and is fingerprint enrolled

Can customize Title and Subtitle of the dialog/modal.


What’s new (1.0.4)

-Bug fix not working IOS authentication

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