Full Calendar Reactive v5

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Full Calendar Reactive v5

Integration of the Full Calendar v5.9 using Javascript library. You can instantiate any callback directly to the object and trigger them to Outsystems' events, choose among all type of views, management of the events with some methods already created (but you can create others ones) and you can customize the component through advanced options. Also, you can pass recurring events, unique ones, both or even iCalendar Feed, Furthermore, the Full Calendar v5 has a connector plugin with RRole library to make it easier to work with.
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Input Parameters

CalendarBasicOptions Sctructure

SchedulerLicense: License Key for use the Premium Scheduler Views;. You can read more on https://fullcalendar.io/license/premium.

InitialDate: Set the initial date displayed when the calendar first loads.

InitialCalendarView: The initial view when the calendar loads.

AllDaySlot: Determines if the “all-day” slot is displayed at the top of the calendar.

Now: Explicitly sets the “today” date of the calendar. This is the day that is normally highlighted in yellow.

NowIndicator: Whether or not to display a marker indicating the current time.

Locale: The locale and locales options allow you to localize certain aspects of the calendar.

EventsJSON: Set the initial events to the calendar.

ResourcesJSON: Set the initial resources to the calendar.

Timezone: A time zone is a region of the world that serves as a context for displaying date.

GoogleCalendarApiKey:  Set your Google Calendar API Key to access the google calendar events.

AdvancedOptions: Allow add more advanced/custom options.


This event can be used to set other options directly on full calendar object, such as callbacks.

Example with javascript code:

$parameters.calendar.eventClick = function(info) {



"CalendarOptions" is the input of CalendarObjectInit block event.

"eventClick" is a callback of the Full Calendar API. 

See more on https://fullcalendar.io/docs/event-clicking-hovering.

Client Actions

AddEvent: Adds a new event to the calendar.

ChangeView: Immediately switches to a different view.

Destroy: Destroys the object and removes it from de DOM.

RemoveEventById: Removes an event from the calendar by id.

RemoveAllEvents: Removes all events.

SetOption: It is possible to dynamically set options after initialization.

GetOption: You can query for the current value of a calendar option.

HasProperty: Verifies if the event has the property.

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