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FullCalendar Reactive v5

Stable version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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FullCalendar Reactive v5

Integration of the Full Calendar v5.9 using Javascript API.
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Integration of the Full Calendar v5.9 using Javascript API. You can instantiate any callback directly to the object and trigger them to Outsystems' events, choose among all type of views, management of the events with some methods already created (but you can create others ones) and you can customize the component through advanced options.

Also, you can pass recurring events, unique ones, both or even iCalendar Feed, Furthermore, the Full Calendar v5 has a connector plugin with RRole library to make it easier to work with.

For more details visit https://fullcalendar.io

Release notes (1.0.3)

Hotfix on EventClick callback.

License (1.0.3)

The licensing depends on whether you're using FullCalendar Standard or FullCalendar Premium.


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in version 1.0.0
Really useful and easy to use!