Smart Image Utils

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Smart Image Utils

Extension that provides multiple image manipulation features, including Text or Image Watermarking.
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Extension with the following image manipulation features:

- AspectRatio_Resizer, resizes an image based on a specific aspect ratio set by the User;

- OriginalAspectRatio_Resizer with 2 modes resizing the image by the new Height/Width, where the Width/Height will be automatically calculated keeping the original ratio;

- Position_Cropper, crops an image based on the sizes chosen by the User for the Width, Height and Position within the Original Image;

- Regular_Resizer, resizes an image by the user chosen Width and Height;

- Watermark, applies an image or text as a watermark to an image, FontColor and Font are the ones on C# Font Class and Drawing Library (check link in documentation tab).

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