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Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 22 October 2021 by 
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This application prefetches all your modules to improve the initial load of your applications.
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Have you seen that behavior where OutSystems applications load slowly on their initial load, maybe even causing a time-out when an action is called for the first time?

With PreFetch this problem will be solved. It runs in the background and calls all modules and tries to wake them up.

There is no configuration needed when you want to start using it, but when you want to integrate it in your CI/CD pipeline, there are some things you can configure.

  1. There is a timer, you can change the schedule via Service Center
  2. There are some site properties
    1. APItoken - Change it to something unique. You need this when you want to start the PreFetch timer via a REST interface.
    2. DetailedLogging - Change this to True when you want more detailed logging per module that is called.
    3. ParameterName - Don't touch, unless you have configured your domain name via a different Parameter.

When you want to call the prefetch from your CI/CD pipeline, you can call the following URL (please change the domainname to your environment)

  • https://{domainname}/PreFetch/rest/PreFetch/StartPreFetch
  • Add the following header: 
    • API-token: {same value as the APItoken site property}


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