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API's Performance

Stable version 1.0.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 15 December 2021 by 
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API's Performance

API's Performance is a app to manage the API's calls per application, check the errors and compare the rate of calls vs errors.
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API's Performance application offer a better way to access the Integration calls made per application on Outsystems Infrastructure.

API's Performance offer 2 distinct screens:

  • Dashboard
  • KPI's;
    • Success vs Errors
    • Time Average

In All the screens mentioned above it's possible to see a Color heatmap where we can have a better idea of the errors and the average time per API called.

The application is compatible with SQL and Oracle databases.

How the information flows to the dashboard?

  • The information available on the API's Performance is provided by the Outsystems Internal tables and loaded for parallel tables by the help of a Timer executed daily. The information displayed have a delay of one day!

NOTE: The usage of this component will not have impacts on infrastructure performance.

What’s new (1.0.4)
  • On the current version it was done a boost on the Screens Performance and data consumption.
  • Reduced the number of queries while navigating through the screens.
  • Including and improve the Charts on Dashboard.
  • Bug fixing.
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