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Warm Up for Traditional Web

Stable version 3.1.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 09 August 2022 by 
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Warm Up for Traditional Web

Keeps Traditional Web applications snappy by automatically warming them up after a deployment.
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This application automatically triggers requests to warm up Traditional Web screens after new deployments. This ensures that all the aspx resources are compiled shortly after the deployment, and reduces the likelihood of real users facing a long delay caused by a compilation on first access.

The WarmUp timer is set to execute every 15 minutes. This can be overridden in Service Center for up to a maximum frequency of once every 5 minutes. The timer can also be disabled in Service Center if you don't need it in a given environment.

Release notes (3.1.4)
  • Improved support for older platform versions.
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