Spotify Integration Service

Stable version 1.0.1
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Spotify Integration Service

Integration with the Spotify REST API. Contains endpoints wrapped in specific service actions for easier use of the API and also entities to make it easier to use on a Reactive Web App.
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All methods require a Token that can be fetched using the provided OAuth Service Actions and defining the requires details on SpotifyConfigStatic Entity

Service Actions available:

  • Get_Album
  • Get_AlbumTracks
  • Get_SeveralAlbums
  • Get_Artist
  • Get_ArtistRelatedArtists
  • Get_ArtistsAlbums
  • Get_ArtistTopTracks
  • Get_SeveralArtists
  • Get_NewReleases
  • Get_Episode
  • Get_SeveralEpisodes
  • Get_AvailableMarkets
  • Get_CurrUserPlaylists
  • Search_ForItem
  • Get_SeveralShows
  • Get_Show
  • Get_ShowEpisodes
  • Get_SeveralTracks
  • Get_Track
  • Get_CurrentUserProfile
  • Get_UserProfile

For more information please consult the Spotify API documentation

What’s new (1.0.1)

- Correction on Get_LastUserToken action

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