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Stable version 2023.3.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 26 Mar by 
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DrawingCanvas is a drawing plug-in that can draw handwriting, straight lines, circles, rectangles, etc. With the open source fabric.js as the core, it has simple functions similar to paint software, so you can write simple maps etc. on the browser. Toolbar and context menu are made up of WebBlock parts, so you can customize them as you like. In addition, since the free curve is drawn with Bezier curve, the line is smooth and the drawing data is lightweight.
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Undo: Return to the previous state
Redo: Return to the next state
Range: selection Select a range object
Handwriting: Freehand drawing free lines
Line: Draw a straight line between two straight lines
Arrow: Draw an arrow between two points
Rectangle: Draw a rectangle surrounded by two points
Ellipse: Draw an ellipse surrounded by two points
Border width: Specify the border width of the figure
Border color: Specify the border color of the figure
Fill color: Specify the color to fill the inside of the figure.
Text: Enter text
Font size: Font size
Font color: Font color
Image upload: Upload and paste an image
Locking an object: Locking an object so that it cannot be selected
Unlock All: Unlock All Objects
Background image setting: Set as a background image and lock the image
Save to PNG: Save the canvas as PNG
Context menu
Copy: Copy the target object
Paste: Paste the target object
Move to the foreground: Move the target object to the foreground
Move to the back: Move the target object to the back
Grouping: Target objects are grouped (cannot be nested)
Ungrouping: Ungrouping the target object
Caputure: Save the target object as an image
Delete: Delete the target object
Short cut key
Ctrl + C: Copy the target object * Since it is via the clipboard, it is possible to paste data on other canvases.
Ctrl + V: Paste the target object
Ctrl + A: Select all objects
Delete: Delete the target object
? ? ? ?: Move the target object
Tab: Move between objects
Shift+Tab: Reverse movement between objects
Ctrl + Wheel: Zoom in / out of the canvas

Release notes (2023.3.0)
  • Changed to a new color picker for easy setting of customized colors
  • Changed all javascript code to the pure javascript without jQuery
  • Removed isView option from DrawingCanvas block and integrated it into toolbar options

License (2023.3.0)


Copyright (c) 2021 REQWARE Inc.

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