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Google Tasks Integration

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Google Tasks Integration

Integration and business layer for Google Tasks
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With this application you can integrate with Google Tasks, using oAuth2.0. A sample app is also present as a Demo and a guide to show you a way to use the integration.

The integration is divided in 2 modules:

  • GoogleTasks_IS that you can use independently
  • GoogleTasks_BL that is already integrated with the Google Authentication Core forge component to manage the oAuth2.0 integrations

The idea behind this integration was to enable developers to use server actions that are as simple as possible, hence the creation of the module GoogleTasks_BL. However to maintain flexibility the GoogleTasks_IS module was kept with as much options as possible.

Documentation for this component and a video explaining its usage are being developed.

Please create a Support ticket following the tab on this page, or contact one of the developers directly, if you have any issues.

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