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Stable version 1.4.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 04 June 2021 by 
 (29 ratings)


The BDD Framework provides a set of tools for producing BDD Test Scenarios, which can be used for automated testing of your apps.
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The BDDFramework for server-side testing provides tools to easily create BDD / TDD tests for your OutSystems applications.

The main focus is testing logic in your modules by exercising the critical actions that support your app's use cases.

See this article for basics on using the framework and the REST API, as well as creating data-driven tests

If you want to test client-side actions, use the BDDFramework client-side tool

Main highlights of the component:

  • Create test scenarios and steps that conform to Behavior Driven Development principles.

  • Enable test-driven development, in which you define scenarios and steps early in the app design process and write test code when the features are implemented.

  • Easily add scenarios and steps by dragging and dropping web blocks (Scenario + Given / When / Then clauses).

  • Enhance test maintenance, as test outputs are identical to the  Service Studio design, making it easy to pinpoint and troubleshoot step failures.

  • Supports multiple tests in the same page and evaluating final results (that is, the number of successful / failed tests).

  • Includes dedicated setup/teardown steps for complex test scenarios.

  • Includes a REST API so you can easily integrate with your own tools.

  • Allows for fast test setup through application and screen templates.

To improve customer service, we provide the main known limitations of the BDDFramework. This is not a complete list of limitations, but it intends to provide information to help you determine whether BDDFramework is right for your environment. 

  • BDDFramework is not supported in production environments, nor should it be published or consumed by other OutSystems applications in production environments.

  • Requires OutSystems 11 or later. 

  • Server Actions must be public to be tested using BDDFramework.

  • Testing client-side actions, which you can do with the BDDFramework client-side tool.

  • Testing Screen Actions and Preparation Actions of Traditional Web applications is not supported. See here for information about using the framework to test server-side actions.

Release notes (1.4.0)
  • Support for parallel test execution 

  • Transaction rollback support during teardown

  • Significant performance improvements

  • User-defined tagging

  • REST API V2 

  • Improved the Test Suite (screen) templates

  • Added template blocks to the base module

Reviews (5)
in version 1.4.0
This tool serves its purpose.

Actual test scenario writing requires greater effort than coding the action to be tested on it though.
in version 1.3.0
Great tool ;)
in version 1.3.0
Awesome tool for the low code warrior! Help supporting your project's unit/component/integration and automated tests. Has still a lot of potential to grow, especially with Mobile and Reactive Web Apps testing, and additional plugins to enable its integrations with other testing framework landscapes.
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