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Created on 26 February 2016
The BDD Framework provides a set of tools for producing BDD Test Scenarios, which can be used for automated testing of your apps.
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The BDD Testing Framework provides a set of tools for easily creating BDD / TDD style tests for your OutSystems Applications.

The main focus is testing the logic of your modules, by exercising the critical actions that support your app's use cases.

You can check this demo video where we show how to use the framework to create a test for a piece of logic of the eCommerce app.

Main highlights of the component:

  • Create test scenarios and steps that are conformant to the principles of Behavior Driven Development.
  • Enable Test Driven Development - you can define scenarios and steps early in the app design stage and write the test code when the features have been implemented.
  • Easily add scenarios and steps by dragging and dropping web blocks (Scenario + Given / When / Then clauses).
  • Each step is implemented in its own action, making sure that steps are sequential and occur in the same request.
  • Enhance Test Maintenance - test outputs are identical to what is designed in Service Studio, making it easy to pinpoint step failures and evaluate the code behind them.
  • Supports multiple tests in the same page and evaluating final stats (number of successful / failed tests).
  • Includes dedicated Setup/Teardown steps for more complex test scenarios.
  • Open-source component which you can improve and change to your own needs.
  • (NEW) REST API for running tests and obtaining results, so that you can more easily integrate with your own tools.

What’s new (1.3.0)
  • Application Template for BDDFramework Test Application
  • Screen Templates for a Simple Scenario and Data-driven Test Scenarios.
  • Revamped theme for the framework.
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