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Let's Go

Stable version 2.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Let's Go

After exploring the Universe all the way to the edges of space Neo lands on a strange and unknown planet. He takes a look around and sees nothing but a barren wasteland. There is no creativity, no character. Nothing. Just a blank slate. His eyes blink happily, as he knows this could be a great first step in something that’s been brewing in his mind for a while now: Neo’s Odyssey, a journey through space, from planet to planet, trying to find the perfect spots where he can meet with his friends. And this is a journey that Neo would love to share. He reminisces about the time he spent with his friends and all the fun they had together. Looking back he realizes how they often struggled to plan these events and get together. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an app for that? The creativity used in making the app might even help the planet blossom! Here’s what Neo has in mind: I’d like to have an application where I can group my friends into categories, such as family, work, friends from school, and so on. As soon as I invite my friends and get them to join the app we can plan and schedule activities together: dinner, sports, concerts, whatever we feel like! Oh! And it would be awesome if we could have some fun with a few games while we wait for people to get to our event. What do you think? Shall we help Neo on his journey? Let’s take care of the soil of creativity and create a new application. Give it a nice name and description to remind ourselves of the goal; let’s create the first module of the app and get ourselves comfortable with whatever is coming up. Share it on Forge ( to show that you will be helping Neo out! While you wait for our next challenge, have a look at our best practices and architecture guides. If you are brand new to OutSystems, welcome (!!!): you can start by taking a look at our Training Guided Paths or the Intro to OutSystems session.
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Neo passou o dia seguinte explorando este novo planeta que encontrou.

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