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Date Time Range Picker Reactive

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Date Time Range Picker Reactive

Date Time Range Picker Reactive Widget, that allows to select a date time interval or date interval only.
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Date Time Range Picker Reactive JS Widget that allows to set a start date time and end date time interval, with the following personalization settings:

  • Date Format (Format in which the Date will be displayed on the input Widget, example: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm")
  • 12 AM-PM / 24 Hour Format
  • Time Picker (Allows the Widget to work as a Date Picker only or Date Time Picker)
  • Seconds Picker (Include seconds in Time Picker)
  • TimerPickerIncrementation (Increment minutes selection list (if 1 minutes will start in 0 and end in 59)
  • StartDate (Initial date from which the date range starts on the 1st interaction)
  • EndDate (End date to which the date range ends on the 1st interaction)
  • ShowWeekNumbers (Show localized week numbers at the start of each week on the calendars)
  • LinkedCalendars (When enabled, the two calendars displayed will always be for two sequential months and both will be advanced when clicking the left or right arrows above the calendars. When disabled, the two calendars can be individually advanced and display any month/year)
  • SingleDatePicker (Show only a single calendar to choose one date, instead of a range picker with two calendars. The start and end dates provided to your callback will be the same single date chosen)

JQuery from Outsystems UI should be included has a Required Script on the screen where the Widget is applied

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