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Agile.Now Factory Probe

Stable version 2.3.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Agile.Now Factory Probe

Agile.Now Factory Environment Probe application to be deployed in all environments (Development , Quality and Production).
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Agile.Now Factory helps automate the process pertaining to the principles of CI/CD in a single project or multiple projects running on the OutSystems platform.

System information

The minimum system requirements for setting up Agile.Now Factory Probe:

  • OutSystems Platform Server version 11.9.1 on the cloud or on-premise
  • OutSystems Platform Lifetime version 11.8.0 with the following infrastructure.
    • Development Environment 
    • Quality Environment
    • Production Environment
  • OutSystems Platform Server with MS SQL Server 2016 onwards
  • Agile.Now Factory

Development, testing and user acceptance environment

The Probe is an application that has to be installed in the dev, test and UAT environments. The Probe application provides the API interface and Agile.Now Factory use this interface when it needs information from the server. It is recommended that the Agile.Now Factory Probe installation be performed on all environments(dev, test and UAT). The data such as unit tests, home application, module information, etc is imported into the management console using the Agile.Now Factory Probe application.

Agile.Now Factory Documentation

Want to learn more about what Agile.Now can do for you? Here you can find more details and how-to content to see how we can fulfill your needs.

Getting started

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User manual

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Release notes (2.3.0)

Introducing Agile.Now Factory 2.3.0 support! When upgrading to Agile.Now Factory version 2.3.0, make sure to install this compatible version in your environment.

License (2.3.0)

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