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Nordigen Account Information Connector

Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Nordigen Account Information Connector

Connector for the Nordigen ( Account Information API. Nordigen is an Open Banking Data Provider. Their API gives you access to free and premium bank account and transaction data from more than 2000 financial institutes in Europe.
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Nordigen's free Account Information API provides you with account and transaction data from over 2000 financial institutions in Europe. In addition to the free service, Nordigen offers a number of premium products.

  • Cleaning - Provides merchant category codes according to ISO 18245 (MCC) and extracts invoice numbers.
  • Categorization - Categorizes bank transactions using 17 standardized categories.
  • Enrichment - Enriches transaction data with merchant information including logo and contact details.
  • Patterns - Identifies recurring transaction patterns and anomalies.
  • Scoring - Determines a risk score for an account.
  • Verification - Used to clean up account detail information.

Release notes (1.0.2)
  • Results of transaction texts are now correctly encoded as utf-8
  • bumped demo application
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