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Multilingual Helper

Stable version 1.1.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Multilingual Helper

Multilingual Helper is a resX editor file, it's made to help to manage Outsystems Translations, but can be used to manage any resX file. The idea of this app is to be able to join all translation labels in just one place, so those labels can be easily translated, exported and then imported into Outsystems. This application is not a replacement for any translation, it's a tool to help you to work with Outsystems translations instead of using Outsystems spreadsheets. I intend to address things that will help the teams to identify new labels added and labels changes that might need their translations reviewed.
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*Work instructions*

  • All files need to be exported from OutSystems as resX files. (spreadsheet uploading coming soon)
  • After exporting, it just imports all files in just one ZIP into the application.(it's not allowed to have any folder inside the zip).
  • Once the translations are there it's easy to manage them, to see how many translations are missing and so on.
  • So everything is translated then it's time to export the resX files and import into Outsystems.

What’s new (1.1.3)
  • Bug fixes.
  • Assincrounous process to import ResX.
  • Implemented Nice and Table view (to be able to sort and copy to excel)
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