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Application version information

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Application version information

With this component you can programmatically get the name and version of an application from LifeTime for the current environment, and also the name of the current environment.
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In order for the component to work, you need to fill in the LifeTimeAuthorizationKey and LifeTimeURL site properties for the ApplicationInformation module of this component.

This configuration needs to be done on every environment where the component is going to be used.

1. LifeTimeAuthorizationKey
If you already have a Service Account created, store the access token for that account in this site property.
If not, you have to go into LifeTime, and create a Service Account and then store the token generated for that account in this site property.
For more information about creating a Service Account, check the following page: Rest Api Authentication.

2. LifeTimeURL
Here you will have to store the URL for your LifeTime instance.
e.g.:;;; etc.

Changing site properties
To change the site properties, you have to go in Service Center, search for the ApplicationInformation module, and then go to the Site Properties submenu.

After that, you can click on each of the Site Properties to fill in its value with what was mentioned above.

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